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Unique and alternative wedding guest book for 2019!

It is a common thing for the wedding couple to have a traditional guest book at their wedding reception.

 It’s something that you and your family can look back on in years to come and to read the heart-warming messages and reminisce on your magical day.


 "I think it is one of the most important things to include on your wedding day!"


 This is why we wanted to share with you different ideas for beautiful wedding guest books. We have selected the top 10 guest book that you can use as inspiration for your perfect day.

 For our wedding, we used a traditional guest book but also incorporated some alternative ideas into our day too.


 Some of these ideas I will speak about below.

 I am so pleased that we decided to do various things to get our wedding guests involved as we still look back on these today and it fills us full of happiness.


1 - DIY wedding guest book

 We had so much fun creating our own DIY wedding guest book and we are going to share some of our ideas with you to inspire you to make your own personal book.

 So if you are feeling crafty or on a bit of a wedding budget why not make it more personal and create your own wedding guest book. There are so many arts and crafts decorations available at your finger tips to make your own creation.


Step 1: Start with a blank kraft book and with a glue gun and a bit of thought you could come up with something so personal and spectacular!

  blank kraft wedding book for vintage and rustic wedding


Step 2: Find crafty arts and decorations that you like to transform your blank kraft book into something magical.

Here's some examples.

Craft Wooden Hearts - Add any of these stunning these love hearts that are made of natural wood to bring some rustic feel to your guestbook. Such a simple and easy way to bring your masterpiece alive!

 craft wooden hearts for DIY wedding guest book


Decorative wooden stamps and vintage labels - These stunning decorative stamp shaped wooden buttons are a must for your wedding decoration! They look super vintage and are ideal for decorating a guest book. Make your art project look unique with these amazing wooden stamps. Its so simple... Unleash your creativeness, grab your glue gun and show your arty side! Impress your guests!

 wooden stamps and vintage labels for wedding guest book


Burlap lace ribbon - This burlap ribbon with crochet lace detail is the absolute necessity for wedding decoration. It has a wide number of uses. One of them being to bring alive your wedding guestbook. Armed with your glue gun, add a layer around the front of your book to make it feel uber vintage.

 burlap ribbon for vintage wedding guest book


2 - Polaroid and Instax photographs

 Why not buy an instant polaroid camera and let the guests have free reign!

Bring some excitement for your guests by adding some silly props for them to use for their photographs.

Get them to mount them in your guest book with heart warming note next to their photo.

Make your guestbook unforgettable and something for you and your husband to look back on with laughter over the years.

 polaroid and instax camera used for vintage and rustic wedding guest book


There are so many different polaroid cameras available.

From vintage to a more modern Fujifilm instax camera. You can pick up antique wedding cameras from sites such as etsy and not only will they take instant photographs but will bring some rustic charm to your wedding venue.


Find out the top 10 polaroid cameras from adorama. Review the different options and choose the camera that’s best suitable for you.


Don't feel like putting it in a book? Create a frame where your guests will be able to hang out their beautiful creations.

Ask them to right a message at the bottom of the picture or even at the back of it if you want longer messages.

It is a great way to always remember this magic day because you will be able to hang the frame in your house! The choice is yours.


Traditional Wedding Guest book

If finding time to make your very own personal wedding guest book is proving difficult or you are not the arts and craft type then there are lots of beautiful options out there for already made vintage wedding guest books. Check out some ideas below for some stunning guestbook inspiration.





As I mentioned there are alternatives to a traditional wedding guest book. Some couples now like to avoid tradition and look for new and exciting alternatives and there are so many wonderful ideas out there to explore. You could always add a bit of fun to your wedding day by coming up with a unique alternative idea for a guest book. There are many ways to capture your guests well wishes who attended your wedding. See below some inspiration on alternative wedding guest book ideas.


The Typewriter

Add some fun to your wedding day and give your guests an opportunity to type out their well wishes on a type writer. You can use fancy vintage paper to fit in with your wedding theme. Like the polaroid camera the typewriter can be used as some stunning rustic wedding decor. Pick a type writer up from a charity store or antique store or on online at etsy or amazon.



The Jigsaw

This wooden jigsaw is a very unique alternative to your traditional guestbook. There are lots of companies that will provide a personalised service adding that extra touch to your wedding puzzle. Allow your guests to write their name and a little message on each puzzle piece. It is a fantastic keepsake for the newly married couple and something special to look back on. It can even be displayed in your home.



Drop Top Wedding guestbook

This is a great idea for a romantic wedding. They can be made personalised with the couple’s name on. It is a very special way to remember all of the guests that attended your wedding, simply invite your guests to leave their name on the wooden heart and then drop it in the box.  It is something that you can put on display at home and can treasure forever.


Fingerprint Wedding Tree

The fingerprint tree is a fabulous way of getting your guests to interact. They come in different designs along with different coloured inks. You can choose the inks to match your colour scheme. Get your guests to place ink on their finger and place their print at the end of the tree and even place their name. the fingerprint guest book is suitable for any style of wedding and a fabulous alternative to a traditional guest book.


Wedding Globe

One of my favourite and probably simplest ideas is the wedding globe. Ideal for the wedding couple that loves to travel. Get your guest to make a little note on the globe and they can even give some advice on future travel destinations! You can buy wedding globes from various stores and can choose so many different types and price ranges.



Cork Guestbook


For the bridal couples who have a taste for wine why not incorporate this into your wedding day by using the unique idea of a wedding cork guestbook. The idea is the simplest idea but can look very impressive! Invite your guests to sign a cork that is already mounted onto a board or signing a cork and adding it to a glass jar. You can look back on these signed corks in years to come. 


The wine corks can also be used for a number of other decorative pieces.

They can be used as stunning rustic table decorations. Simply place a hole in the top of a cork and place a small flower decoration inside.


The corks can be used to create table numbers. Ideal for budget weddings and looks very charming. There are companies that can make these for you but if you are feeling creative and on a budget it easy to but these corks or even call into your local wine bar and ask them to start saving some corks for your creation.




The wine corks can be used as name cards. Another simple and cost-effective decoration.


I hope you’ve been inspired by our choice of unique wedding guest book options ideas. If your stuck for choice you could always go with more than one like we did! Combine a traditional wedding guestbook with another unique idea.



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